Our candles are made with exquisite all natural soy wax. And aromas made to elevate the atmosphere of your home. The perfect candle for the modern home.

Personalised Candle Enquiry

  • Katherine

    "Thank you so much for our delicious Sweet Delight and Tropical Fusion candles. Helps me take time out to be present."

  • Kristy

    "Thank you so much for my candle. To be honest with you I've barely lit it (because I'm scared of wasting it.) I just leave the lid off and it makes my room smell so good. I like to light it when I read. So keen for you to make the big sizes so I can be less stingy lighting the one I've bought. Thanks again and cant wait to buy more from you lovely."

  • Daniela

    "Thank you so much for the candles! It's already been a while since I got them and they are still going strong. And still smelling lovely. The family favourite at the moment is Tranquil Forest but it keeps changing."