About the Creator:


My name is Alexandra and I am the proud owner of 'Phoenix by Alexandra'. I am currently twenty-two years old and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I am a daughter, a sister, friend, partner, grand daughter and a mother of two amazing dogs. My business started as just an idea, an idea that would re spark my creative side and desire to be my own boss.

I remember feeling relieved to graduate high school. I was emotionally and mentally drained. I decided that I wanted to take a year off from my studies and just work. I got a job at a cafe located in the city, where I worked for almost a year before I was unexpectedly let off. After requesting some time off to take care of my mum, who injured her lower back. I was disheartened but determined to find another job. Until an unexpected global pandemic happened. During lockdown I spent my time applying for anything I could get, time and time again getting knocked back with rejection letters. The more I applied the more motivation I lost. Like many, I struggled with my mental health and was still dealing with a traumatic event that happened to me in a previous relationship. Despite my own struggles, I wanted to encourage and help others. I wrote my battles with body image and how the media portrayals unrealistic standards of beauty. And how that impacted me during my high school years. Not too long after, a stranger reached out to me and thanked me for inspiring and encouraging them. Feeling a sense of accomplishment, I thought about what I could to do for others who needed encouragement.

So I created an instagram page previously called, 'Phoenix's Purpose' where I posted uplifting quotes practicing calligraphy. And an idea came to me; 'what if I was to make personalised gifts and sell them?' When my mum suggested candles. I've always been curious with candle making, so with the little money I had (Christmas and birthday money), I bought equipment, wax and fragrance oils and researched how to make a candle. I watched a few youtube videos and did my own research to find what works for me. I fell in love with the craft itself and decided this was what I was going to do. 

The name 'Phoenix's Purpose' didn't stick so I changed it to something personal. I've always admired the mythical creature that is a phoenix. Due to their symbolism of rebirth and healing. And I believe no matter what obstacles we've been through in our own lives, there is a phoenix waiting to rise in all of us.